‘Why Are People So Obedient?’ (Video)

The short answer is, most of us want to conform. It makes us nervous, to stand out from the crowd. There’s safety in numbers. So we conform.

And for those who would take away our freedom, it’s music to their ears.

Replace the blindfolds with face masks and you’ve got a typical sidewalk scene from 2020.

Y’know who knew this, top and bottom, in and out? Alan Funt, the creator of Candid Camera. How many times did he show us people trying to comply with silly rules he made up? Like “no stepping on the black linoleum squares.” Or “Backwards Zone.” Goofy stuff like that, patently senseless… and yet they complied.

Yeahbut! The bad guys will kill us if we don’t comply! Or at least throw us into jail, or wreck our businesses.

No one in his right mind denies that.

But the Soviet Union and the communist governments of its satellite states: those are all gone. The people stopped complying. Remember Lech Walesa–and Solidarity? It can be done! And without a civil war. It wasn’t a victorious army that tore down the Berlin Wall. It was the people of Berlin. The same people who used to get shot down by the East Berlin police if they got caught trying to flee to West Berlin.

There comes a point where violence is not strong enough to stand between the people and their freedom.

If liberty could have been wiped out, someone would have done it thousands of years ago.