‘Shocking Injustice! Rioters Weren’t Paid for Rioting’ (2015)

Ferguson riots: Violence 'much worse' than on the night of Michael Brown  shooting | The Independent | The Independent

A small price to pay for keeping Democrats in power!

It seems like every time you turn around, we’re being promised another “Summer of Rage” brought to you by the Democrat Party, aka “Riots ‘R’ Us.”

Shocking Injustice! Rioters Weren’t Paid for Rioting

So we had a Summer of Rage in 2015, another Summer of Rage in 2018, and another Summer of Rage in 2020, and we’re expected to have yet another Summer of Rage this year, this one in the service of unlimited abortion–nice thing to riot for.

Why is there still a Democrat Party? Are there really all that many people who are all that fond of riots, Critical Race Theory, setting the FBI to spy on parents, a ruptured border and millions of illegals flooding in, lockdowns, signing away our country’s sovereignty, always doing what China wants, turning boys into girls and girls into boys–are there really tens of millions of voters who love this stuff?

I’d love to see the unpaid rioters sue George Soros for breach of promise.