Wye Dint Thay Jist Ban ‘The’ Bybul???

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This heer it is Our lyberry!!!

A dredfull Thing “it” has hapenned!!! Jist daown “the” Rode from our collidge, a buntch of Crischin Gnationalites thay got them selfs Eelecktid to the Skool Bored and voated to taik Awl The Gay and Trans boocks Ouat “of” “the” skool liberry!! This heer it is cleerly Aginst “The” Law and we whant The FBBI to comb and throe themb In Jale!!!!! for beeing Domestick Terrawrists!!!

Thay aslo Banned “the Byble”” and that was good,, exept hear At Collidge we allreddy done That yeers ago!!! Thay shood of jist Banned t”he” Byble for beeing hat speach!! and then brung In “a” hole lot moar Gay Boocks and Trans Boocks and Anty-Racist Boocks untill thare “was” Nothing Left but thoase!!!!!!! As yiu can “sea” fromb the pixture,, that “is” waht we done With our Liberry at Collidge!!!!! Nhow it “is” Saif to use!!

Thare is nhow a Lot of Haters and Racist out thare trying to stop Woake,, butt we whill Win becose we warship Pressadint Obamma and Pressadint Jobydin he “is” “on” Our Syde!!!!!! Jist lassed weak we voated At The Stoodint Soviet to maik Pressadint Obamma a god!!!!!!

We whill aslo Win becuose “we” Are Smart and we are Introllecturals,, themb dum pheasants hasnt Got “a” Chanze!!!!!!!!!!