More Measles Hysteria: ‘We Own Your Bodies’

New York Mayor “Bill DeBlasio” (real name: Warren Wilhelm Jr.), who in a recent poll of Democrat presidential wannabes got… well, no votes, has ordered compulsory measles vaccinations for all the residents–even newborn babies–of an Orthodox Jewish community in his city (

Orthodox Jews have a religious objection to the vaccine. “Tough!” says the former Sandinista, who does not use his real name.

Actually, in the interest of fairness, even to the likes of him, I can’t vouch for the authenticity of the “We own your bodies” quote. But he is trying to establish a $1,000 fine for anyone who doesn’t get a measles vaccination–or who appears in any public place without having been vaccinated.

See if you can follow this line of, er, thinking. Non-vaccinated people are blamed for “measles outbreaks” (gasp!) and have to stay away from public places because, if they don’t, they’ll pass measles on to all those persons… uh, who’ve been vaccinated.

What? If you’ve been vaccinated for it, but can still catch measles from someone who hasn’t been vaccinated… then what good did the vaccination do you in the first place? Am I the only one who thinks this doesn’t make any sense?

Why is measles suddenly this fearful scourge, instead of just a run-of-the-mill childhood disease that practically everybody used to get? Is it real, or just another statist hoax built on scare tactics?

Everything they tell us and everything they do has only one intent: to expand the size and power of the state.

When Fools Play God, You Get Measles

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“Sorry, we can’t stay and smite you, we’ve gotta get outta here–Measles is comin’ to town!”

Why are the nooze media and certain politicians fear-mongering about measles and demanding that everyone be forced to get a measles vaccine? Why are we hearing about this supposed measles apocalypse and seeing them introduce bills to wipe out religious and conscientious exemptions?

Dr. Mercola has a fascinating article about this:

When I was a boy, practically everyone got measles. I didn’t, but my brother and sister did and we all had to be quarantined. Everybody got it, but nobody died. But now we’re being told “measles kills,” and local “outbreaks” are being blamed on unvaccinated persons–with demands from the nooze media and politicians that these persons be punished for putting life on earth at risk, or something.

Some highlights from Dr. Mercola’s article:

*There is a history of measles vaccine failures reported in the science and medical literature.

*Vaccinated persons can still get “wild type” measles, sometimes without visible symptoms.

*Suddenly all the powers that be believe that measles is a terrible threat and the vaccine is “very safe and effective,” despite evidence to the contrary.

*A baby in the womb will acquire a temporary natural immunity to measles from his mother, if the mother has had measles sometime in her life–but not if the mother has had the measles vaccine. Babies born to vaccinated mothers are not immune to measles and newborns can catch it.

*First they announced they were gonna “eradicate measles” by 1967, then they announced they were gonna do it by 2000, followed with a “mission accomplished!” celebration, which was followed by measles coming back and somehow coming back stronger than it was before… so now they’re gonna eradicate it by 2020.

My conclusion is that they’re fooling around with this, playing God, and making the problem a great deal worse than it was.

But that’s part of utopian humanist ideology–which requires Science and the State to do all those things that God was supposed to do but didn’t because He doesn’t exist: but never mind, we, The Smartest People In The World, we will wipe out disease and poverty and war! Four horsemen, we’ve got you in our crosshairs!

And all they ever do is make things worse.