Bonus Video: Lizard Who Lives Like a Dog

I’ve had a lot of pet lizards. Here’s a monitor lizard who has the run of the house (“Oh, boy, dog-food!”). My iguana slept in his cage and did his, er, business there, but the rest of the time he was on the loose. He was good at making friends with dogs and cats. I’m telling you–there’s more to lizard-minds and hearts than you might think. So much more!

Cool Things My Cats Have Done

I am happy to say Peep never made a mess like this.

All right, so it ain’t penetrating analysis of current events. It’s just some blog stuff. But it makes a nice change, doesn’t it?

When the phone would ring, and I was unable to answer it, our cat Henry used to find me and meow at me impatiently to make me get up and answer the phone. How did he understand what a telephone was all about?

Our little friend Buster once dressed himself. I happened to look up from my work and there he was, sitting in the front window for everyone to see, having donned a pair of Patty’s undies. Stuck his head through the leg-hole and wore it as a cape.

Another time he was sitting at the window and I said, “Buster, do you see how fat your sister’s getting? She needs some exercise. Why don’t you chase her up the stairs?” Which was exactly what he did, as soon as I suggested it.

His sister, Missie, used to bring me whatever toy she felt like playing with, usually a pipe cleaner, so I could toss it and she could chase it and retrieve it for another throw.

Robbie has asthma, and I have to give her a shot from an inhaler every day. She hates that, and tries very hard to avoid it. And yet she has never held it against me, never cast me as a villain for spraying this stuff up her nose. How can she understand such a thing? I mean, medical treatment was the thing that totally spoiled the relationship I had with my monitor lizard.

Well, cats are smarter than lizards. Robbie’s sister, Peep, is fascinated by gadgets–water cooler (it occasionally burps), fax machine, printer, you name it. She probably knows more about them than I do.