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CBS Fake News: Caught Again!

 The victims in Lombardy, northern Italy, are being treated by doctors wearing hazmat suits

Ooh-ooh! Beds all over the place, never mind the wards! Doctors and nurses with more work than they could ever hope to do!

This, said CBS News last week–they had a video to go with it–is a New York City hospital overworked by the coronavirus plague. This, said CBS News, is America’s virus “epicenter.” Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Except it wasn’t a hospital in New York City, it was a hospital in Bergamo, Italy, described as the hospital “hardest hit” by the pandemic–and the exact same video footage had already been shown three days earlier on the British news network, Sky News (https://summit.news/2020/03/30/cbs-news-uses-footage-of-worst-hit-hospital-in-italy-while-describing-new-york-coronavirus-outbreak/).

Oops. BTW, check the link above if you want to see and compare the footage.

CBS admits to showing video from Italy and saying it was from New York. For the record, Italy is the country that has suffered most from the virus. The death rate in Italy is many times the rate here in America.

But the whole cock-up was just an “editing mistake,” says CBS. Of course they weren’t trying to scare us into a state of such desperate fear as to panic us into voting for Democrats in November.

And I have a very nice bridge to sell you.


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