Most of Us Think Most of Us Are ‘A Threat to Democracy’?

The Invisible Gorilla — Dave DeSelm Ministries

They want to charge me to use images of SloJo’s speech, but the heck with that. A dindle in a gorilla suit is practically the same damned thing.

Remember what Herschel Walker says about polls: most of them are nothing but trash talk intended to discourage Republican voters.

So we have a Reuters-Ipsos poll that says “most Americans” think the MAGA movement–that would be tens of millions of us, if not most of us–is “a threat to our democracy”… I guess because SloJo Biden said so in his “down with half of America!” speech (

So most of us are afraid of most of us! Meanwhile, theaters in New York City are closing, Broadway shows are being shut down (I heard on the radio this morning), because people from out of town are increasingly afraid to visit New York–where the Far Left Crazy district attorney refuses to prosecute criminals and the rate of violent crime is soaring into the stratosphere. Tourists are getting murdered practically every day.

But no–they’re probably afraid to go to New York because they might meet some MAGA people. As unlikely as that might be.

Look at our country now, compared to three years ago. Honk if you like what you see.