Bernie: If You’re White, You Don’t Know What It’s Like to be Poor

Crikey, here I am, trying to recover from an illness, and there’s so much inane news to keep track of.

Like for instance, Bernie Sanders, who wants to be our first openly socialist president. Y’know what this silly ass said? If you’re white, he said, you don’t know what it’s like to be poor ( ).

Yo, Bernie–I could give you lessons, if you want ’em.

The fact is that millions of Americans of all colors know damn well what it’s like to be poor. For many of them, poverty is temporary. It’s where you start in the great Monopoly game of life. Some of us take longer to get around St. Charles Place than others, and a lot of us never get anywhere near Boardwalk and Park Place. But we don’t just remain stuck on Baltic Avenue.

But there it is–more of that race-hustling from the top. Stir up envy. Teach people that all their problems are somebody else’s fault. Teach ’em they’ll never make it without The Government wet-nursing them through life, at someone else’s expense.

Most of us have had the experience of gritting our teeth while we try to figure out some way to pay the rent and the car insurance in the same month. Or maybe we don’t even have a car. Generally, if you keep on working at it, things get better for you, by and by–regardless of the color of your skin.

We should be deeply ashamed of the people who wind up governing us.