My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 28 (‘Loudon County Schools… Melting Down’)

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Loudon County, Virginia, seems to be a place where liberals are getting sick and tired of liberalism. Dudes, what took you so long?

Loudon County Schools… Melting Down

They’ve discovered they don’t like the schools “teaching” their kids that their parents (and the kids themselves, of course) are racists. They don’t like the schools “teaching” their kids that for a real blast out of life, they ought to try being “gender fluid.” And they really, really don’t like the Justice Dept. unleashing the FBI on them to “investigate” them as “domestic terrorists” because they complained about their school’s curriculum.

What? Democrats haven’t called it an “insurrection” yet? Somebody’s asleep at the switch!

Anyhow… Take a good long look at Loudon County and then say you want public education to play a role in America’s future.