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Themb %$#$@ Russhins Aggen!!!

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Wel i amb reely Up-set!!! Wood yiu “beleave” “It”?? Themb Russhins thay riggeded “the” Last Elecktoin and nhow thay riggeded the Twentytwenty 2020 Elecktoin neckst yeer and we hasnt evin hadded It yett!!!!!! i hered it on TV!!!

Thay has all-reddy ficksed It “so” Donold Trumpt he getts Elecktid aggen!!! its in the news!! This hear it “is” jist Tearable!!!!!

I has a theery that themb Russhins thay “are” alll Ovar “the” Plaice and thay Intrafear whith Evry Thing!!!!!Mite as welll not evin has The Elecktoin!! And aslo thoze Russhins thay busst it “up” Evry Time i Assk somb Czick four a Dayt!!!!!and aslo thay intrafeared whith “my” Examb and maid me Flunck!!!!!!!!

I dont undrastanned it!!! The Russhins thay wher Goood wen thay usedta be Combunits but as sooon as thay gote Ridd “of” the Hamer And Siccle thay wented Bad!!! It “is” jist like In Restling wen al Of “a” suddan a good gye Restler he gose Bad!!!! Yiu cann lern “a lott” bye Waching Restling!!!

Wel “the” Ownle Thing wee Can “do”,, this hear it “is” watt we de-sided tooday “in” the Stodent Soviet,, wee whil jist Has to Has the Twennytwenny 2020 Elecktoin NHOW, this yeer instedd “of” Neckst yeer and then maby themb Russhins thay woont “be” Reddy to Stop Hillery oar Burny oar “the” Otther Goood  Candydaits,, wee cood “Reely” sapprize themb iff we has “the” Elecktoin twomarrow!!!!!! Jist get “up” in the mourning and Has It!!! And aslo let ownle peple whoo is “in” Collidge voat!!!!!!

and iff That dont whork wee shood Nook themb!!!!!!!!!!

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