Back to School? 4 out of 5 Say ‘Maybe Not’

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They have to re-open the building before they can go back to indoctrinating your kids.

(Thanks to Susan for the news tip)

A poll claims 4 out of 5 parents say they’re “considering” continuing homeschooling for their kids rather than sending them back to school this fall (

That’s good news: the longer they have to do without public education, the more people will realize they can do without it. But so far the parents’ primary concern is whether the schools can protect their children from the Chinese Communist Doomsday Virus. Four out of five don’t think so. And 25% say uh-uh, under no circumstances will we allow our kids back into those classrooms, they’re just not safe.

A lot of folks who think of themselves as “conservatives” want the schools to be re-opened next month and the kids to go back. They haven’t thought this through. Without public education, including colleges and universities, the rise and success of cultural Marxism would be completely impossible. This is where all that toxic garbage comes from: our “education” establishment.

Trust me on this one, folks:

Defund the universities, break the teachers’ unions, kill public education… and Far Left Crazy dies.