Kids’ Troll Doll Made ‘Sex Sounds’

​Hasbro Pulls ‘Trolls’ Toy That Makes ‘Sex Sounds’ And Has ‘Inappropriate’ Button Between It’s Legs

Who was the genius who thought of this?

The doll has one button on its belly. Push it, and the doll laughs. But it has another farther down, a button right between its legs. Push that, say some 300,000 people who signed an online petition to remove the toy from the market, and you get “sex sounds.” Including “gasping” or heavy breathing.

The Hasbro toy company admits the placement of the button was probably not the smartest thing they ever did, and is pulling the doll from the market.

But people are wondering whether there’s an organized effort to sexualize little children and prepare them to be sexually abused by adults. Only because there is a zillion-dollar sex trafficking industry worldwide. And a lot of academic kooks at Temple University who’ve been campaigning for years to legitimize the sexual abuse of small children (“adult-child consensual sex,” is their euphemism for it). So, yes, it is reasonable to fear that–probably as the next big “sexual liberation” jihad, now that they’ve got same-sex pseudomarriage and transgender.

It’s hard to pray to God to save us when you know the sorts of things we do. But–

Please, Lord! Remember that these things are done against our will, without our consent, and over our objections.