Colorado Mayor Bans Pledge of Allegiance

Silverton, Colorado, population 550, has made the national nooze this week! Surely for the first time in its history.

The mayor of the small town decided, all on his own with no input from the town council (they call them “trustees”), to “suspend”–meaning “ban”–the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance at public meetings (

Where does he think he is? And who does he think he is?

A group of citizens, including one of the trustees, stood up and recited the pledge regardless. The mayor said he’d have them kicked out of the meeting if they did it again. ‘Cause they have a “one-strike policy.” Sounds like a substitute for thinking.

Why did the mayor ban the pledge?

Well, he said it was “divisive,” and cited various unnamed and undescribed “threats” inspired by the recitation of the pledge. That sounds like tommyrot to me. Does that sound like tommyrot to you?

Why should America be the host of parasites that hate her and want to bring her down? And say so! What other country does that? Some of these leftids ought to shuffle off to Pakistan and try their tricks out there.

Hating America should automatically bar you from governing as much as a square inch of America.