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By Request, Two Hymns for One

Requested by Joshua: This video features two hymns–Immortal, Invisible and In Christ Alone, both sung by Steve Green at the Grove Avenue Baptist Church. I hope it gets your day started on the right foot.

By Request, ‘Embrace the Cross’

Before I cover any more nooze–if I cover any more nooze–we have a hymn request from Joshua: Embrace the Cross, sung by Steve Green.

It’s not as easy to do as we might think.

By Request: ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’

I want to go back out and write some more, finish up this chapter, but first we have a hymn request from Joshua–Holy, Holy, Holy, sung by Steve Green.

If you’re new here, anyone can make a hymn request and if I can find it, I’ll post it. Just leave a comment anywhere, and we’ll do the rest.

By Request, ‘How Great Our Joy’

Joshua asked for this one: How Great Our Joy, by Steve Green.

I was going to update the Christmas Carol Contest here, but something tells me I’d better do it in a separate post.

By Request, Steve Green

“SlimJim” requested “anything by Steve Green,” and this was about the best I could do. Strangely, most of the Steve Green videos on youtube featured assorted pictures of him rapidly flashing across the screen. I was afraid it might give someone a seizure.

Christ the Lord is Risen Today is a hymn usually reserved for Easter. But I think we need it today–don’t you?

By Request, ‘And Can It Be’

There’s nothing that says I can’t post two hymns in a day, is there? Besides, I want to encourage hymn requests.

So Joshua asked for this one, Charles Wesley’s 18th-century hymn, And Can It Be, sung by Steve Green.

Hey, anyone can ask, anytime!

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