Are Our ‘Health Officials’ Quite All There?

Napkins 33x33 cm - Happy Puppies by Wimmel Napkins

We’re gonna need the happy puppies for this one.

Let’s see… We’ve got this pandemic, so we can’t have a family picnic to celebrate Grandma’s birthday, we can’t go to church, our kids can’t go to school… Because our expert “health officials” have told us that all such gatherings are “non-essential” and we have to preserve “social distancing” or else COVID-19 will wipe us out…

But now they’re telling us it’s okay to get together for a riot?

Well, yeah: that’s what they’re telling us ( Only of course they won’t say “riot.” It’s all just “mass protest.”

A quote from just one of these wackos, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins, will serve for all:

“In this moment the public health risks of not protesting to demand an end to systemic racism greatly exceed the harms of the virus.” So if thousands of the demonstrators get sick–oh, well, it was worth it. Right?

“Systemic racism?” Yeah. That’s that thing they invented to take the place of real racism after it had mostly passed away. Because “systemic racism” is unconscious, it’s supposedly part of our makeup whether we like it or not, we’re all guilty and never mind a trial, and it’s largely vague and undefined anyway, “systemic racism” is tailor-made for the racial grievance industry, which does not want to lose its job.

These are the “science” wiz kids. We’re supposed to believe them, always, no matter what kind of daft crapola they unload on us.

“Science” is at risk of becoming nothing more than window-dressing for politics–if it hasn’t become that already.

Their “science” is mere politics, and these people have to be utterly defeated if our country is to survive.