‘Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise’

I love those 19th century hymns, and I’m glad readers have selected a goodly number of them for Your Favorite Hymns. This is Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise, sung by the Smucker family–with background sets by God the Creator.

‘When This Passing World Is Done’

I couldn’t resist the gorgeous harmony of The Smucker Family’s a capella singing, nor the glorious background scenery by the hand of God the Father. Let’s start our day with When This Passing World is Done–and pray that it isn’t quite done yet.

‘Like a River Glorious’

There is a river, the streams whereof make glad the city of God… (Psalm 46:4)

Reminded! God’s will shall indeed be done. All-righteous, all-wise, all-loving, almighty! Let his word flow like a great a nourishing river through out lives.

This morning’s hymn: Like a River Glorious, sung by the Smucker Family. Background sets by God the Father.

‘His Grace Reaches Me’

I never heard this hymn until this morning: His Grace Reaches Me, sung in dazzling harmony by the Smucker Family. Every now and then, in the absence of a reader request, I like to post a hymn I’ve never heard before.

If you’re new to this blog–and I’m happy to say a lot of you are–I’m just letting you know we take hymn requests from readers: the hymn shop is open to all, and all the merchandise is free, Jesus already paid for it. Just “Leave a Reply” anywhere on the blog, and we’ll do the rest.