Trump Vs. DeSantis–Stop It and Behave Yourselves!

A composite image of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.

Our Free & Independent Democrat nooze media have been cackling merrily over friction between President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. It seems they’ve been taking pot-shots at each other… and the Far Left just loves it.

With all due respect–guys, cut it out! What’s the matter with you? We have to save our country, and we need both of you to do it! I mean, are you crazy? If one of you knock the other off, who benefits but Democrats? Maybe you can even destroy each other politically. That would solve a host of problems for the Bad Guys.

Ron and Don, you’ve got to work together–starting now! Save the fighting, save the ego tripping, till after the Democrat Party is dead, cremated, and its ashes scattered over Washington. Like, we just outvoted these villains by six million votes–and we still don’t get anything to show for it? How can that be?

We need both of you, so stop trying to topple one another. Anyone would think George Soros put a spell on you. Just stop it, okay!

And work together to win all the marbles in 2024. It may be our last chance to save our country.