Trump Vs. DeSantis–Stop It and Behave Yourselves!

A composite image of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.

Our Free & Independent Democrat nooze media have been cackling merrily over friction between President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. It seems they’ve been taking pot-shots at each other… and the Far Left just loves it.

With all due respect–guys, cut it out! What’s the matter with you? We have to save our country, and we need both of you to do it! I mean, are you crazy? If one of you knock the other off, who benefits but Democrats? Maybe you can even destroy each other politically. That would solve a host of problems for the Bad Guys.

Ron and Don, you’ve got to work together–starting now! Save the fighting, save the ego tripping, till after the Democrat Party is dead, cremated, and its ashes scattered over Washington. Like, we just outvoted these villains by six million votes–and we still don’t get anything to show for it? How can that be?

We need both of you, so stop trying to topple one another. Anyone would think George Soros put a spell on you. Just stop it, okay!

And work together to win all the marbles in 2024. It may be our last chance to save our country.

“‘Our Conservative Movement’ (LOL)” (2015)

What with the midterm elections just eight days away, we’re getting inundated with emails from politicians schnorring for contributions. Out-of-state money seems to be their favorite dish… but it leaves a bad aftertaste.

‘Our Conservative Movement,’ LOL

I love these characters who pass themselves off as “conservatives” when they haven’t conserved, or even tried to conserve, a cotton-pickin’ thing. C’mon, Karl Rove! You can’t believe you’re fooling anybody.

Well, ignore the emails, disregard the polls, and vote for every Republican on the ballot. Yes, some of those are wastes of space; but Job One is to chase the Democrats out of office before they can do our country any more harm. We can deal with the RINOs next time out.

Look around. If you see anything being conserved, please let me know.

Assignment Underwater: Biden’s Polls Tank

ABEL: In response to Nguyen; Go celebrate Biden's victory. – The Vanderbilt  Hustler

Living proof that God is really mad at us

Our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media have discovered that “President” Joe Biden’s poll numbers are at historic lows and V.P. Kamala Harris is polling even worse ( Frankly, I think their approval numbers are inflated.

Overall–gasp! The horror, the horror!–Democrat approval numbers are down there with the lanternfish and giant squid, and sinking farther. But I can’t understand why anybody but an America-hating wacko would say this regime is anything but a disaster. Just to rattle off a few of the low points: routed in Afghanistan, ruptured border, galloping inflation, “mandates” out the wazoo, transgender, shortages–what’s to like?

We need for the Democrat Party to go extinct forever, never to return, its whole ideology discredited, hated, despised, and rejected for all time. I want to see it reach the point where no one admits he ever was a Democrat, where no one wants to remember the party ever existed, where not-that-awful Dems like Harry Truman and Grover Cleveland get re-cast as “really Republicans at heart,” and where every single public policy supported by Democrats is repealed and cast into the bonfire of history that we all want to forget.

And then I hope things get tougher for them.