By Request, ‘Up from the Grave He Arose’

Erlene mentioned this hymn yesterday and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. We usually save it for Easter-time, but really the message bears repeating all year long.

Up from the Grave He Arose, sung by Voices of Eden–a glorious gift from our family in India.

Encore, ‘Up from the Grave He Arose’

I’m re-posting this hymn only because I love it, and it was the first one to pop into my head today, and I love the way these guys sing it. Besides which, Our Lord Jesus Christ rising from the dead is at the very heart of our faith, and the very substance of the Good News.

Praise God for adding such men as these to our Christian family, world-wide.

Encore, ‘Up From the Grave He Arose’

How we used to belt this out in Sunday school! And I still love this hymn–Up from the Grave He Arose, one of the all-time glorious Easter hymns. Sung here (and no one does it better!) by Voices of Eden, from South India.