Wanna Buy an Invisible Sculpture?

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Speaking of satire, this isn’t one. I know it sounds like a satire, but it isn’t. It also sounds like it could be one of those tongue-in-cheek bite-sized science fiction stories Isaac Asimov used to write, but it isn’t one of those, either.

It’s real.

Let this quote suffice: “Salvatore Garau has sold his latest invisible sculpture” (https://wamu.org/story/21/06/01/italian-artist-sells-invisible-sculpture-for-real-money/). For $18,000. Not make-believe money. The buyer gets a certificate.

Of what? Idiocy?

Paying $18,000 literally for nothing. Once upon a time, this would have been called a sin: incontinence. Having more money than is good for you and not knowing what to do with it–so you waste it. Squander it.

I think it’s probably still a sin; and probably carries its own punishment, too.