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Howcom we Hasnt got No Munny???

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This hear it “was” “a” Bad Weak heer at Collidge we was all “Out-Raijed” wen we fownd Out thay “are” goingto Raze Our Tuission lots of dollers!!!!! “It” Is a “goood” Thing i amb lettting themb Shoot “me” Up whith Moth Hoarmoans as a Signtiffic Axpearmint cawse if i didnt Then i wood Has to pay!!! But Evry Boddy Elss “thay” are reely Upset!!!

Meenwile the Unavercity of Minniesoda thay has “a” bujjit of $3.8 Billyin Dollers a yeer and our Collidge Pressadint he says he “is” Ashaymed that Our Collidge bujjit “it” is So Low so alll stoodints nhow thay Has “got to” P:ay moar munny!!! I didnt beleave that $3.8 Billyin Dollers at frist but sumb boddy thay Looked It “Up” on thare Cumpeuter and “it” Is True!!!

I amb reely Canfused!!!! i thawt thay was goingto has Freee Collidge Eddicasion foar evry boddy,, thats Waht Burny Sandders he was Saying, evry boddy thay wil Go “to” Collidge foar Freee!!! Waht hapened??? Whare didd “that” Idear go??? Nhow we goingto Be paying Moar wen it was saposed To Be freee!!!

Sumb Boddy thay sayed it “is” becose Of “the” Corny Vyris-,-well i dont Beleave It!!!!!! i bet Anny Thing it “is” becose of Donold Trumpt he is Aunty-Syance!!!!

We neeed a Amergincy Meating “of” the Stoodint Soviet to deside wahtt To Do aboat This hear disasster!!!!!!!!!!

College Costs: the Horror, the Horror

Image result for images of wheelbarrow full of college tuition money

Yesterday at the vet’s, when I heard what my bill was going to be–round it off to $500–I could not repress an exclamation. “Holy cow! I used to get a whole year at Rutgers, for that kind of money!”

Behind the counter, a woman’s eyebrows shot up almost high enough to stick to the ceiling.

“Five hundred dollars?” she cried. “You went to Rutgers for $500?”

“Well, yeah, that’s what it cost me, per year.”

She waved her hands. “I’m paying $24,000 a year!”

That’s 48 times what I paid. I wonder if the education is 48 times better.

“You shouldn’t have to pay for schooling,” said the other staffer. I don’t know what planet she thought she was on.

“People don’t value things that they don’t have to pay for,” I said. “So, yes, you should pay for your college. But not that much! Nowhere near that much!”

Really! Say you fritter away four years at Rutgers, although nowadays more and more people seem to need five years instead of four to get a bachelor’s degree. Four years at Rutgers, and you’ve spent $96,000 (not counting a multitude of mandatory fees). You’re either in the hole for it yourself, or your family’s in the hole for it, or you’ve got a whopping great student loan that you have to pay back somehow.

How do you even get a start in life, with that kind of monkey–or rather, 800-lb. gorilla–on your back?

“Yeahbut-yeahbut-yeahbut! That’s why we need universal student debt forgiveness! And free college tuition for all!”

Pure prattle. No matter what they do, someone’s still going to get left holding the bag. The only question is, who? My money’s on the undefended taxpayer.

Twenty-four gees, just to sit there getting a general college education. The real stuff, like engineering, say, costs more. The twenty-four big ones is for studying the marxist feminist aspects of that stuff that builds up between your toes.

And saints preserve us from the stuff that builds up between your ears!

(Old joke: “I thought this was supposed to make me smarter! By Jove, I’ve wasted all that money!” Reply: “See? You’re getting smarter already.”)

‘Coed Blows Her $90,000 College Fund’ (2015)

See the source image

They call it higher education.

When we say that too many recently “educated” persons haven’t got the foggiest idea how wealth is generated, we mean that literally. As in the following example:


Yes, Miss Millenial went and pissed away the whole $90,000 left to her by her grandmother–and then wondered what happened to it. She has ruled out working to pay for the remainder of her college.

I wonder what she majored in. No one has ever told us.

What Does College Cost America?

Here’s a statistic that’s devilish hard to find: How much, per year, does America spend on college education? That would be not only the cost of tuition, but also state and federal aid paid out to universities, the cost of room and board and other services, insurance, etc.

I was able to get a little information on tuition. In the year 2007-08, average tuition per year (I’ve rounded down the figures) was $4,500 for a two-year-community college, $17,000 for a state university, and $35,000 for a private university ( http://www.usnews.com/education/articles/2008/04/10/how-much-does-college-cost ). Obviously, these figures are eight years old and have surely gone up since then.

But let’s take the $17,000 annual tuition at a state university as an average figure–and then multiply it by the 17 million students enrolled in our colleges a year or two ago. That comes out to… $289 billion paid out in college tuitions per year. And again, I am working with old figures.

And again, that’s just tuition. Doubtless the amounts of money doled out in state and federal aid are, shall we say, considerable. And then there are the costs of textbooks, assorted student fees, housing, food, and this and that. So now I suspect we’re talking anywhere from half a trillion to a round trillion smackers a year.

For degrees in Social Justice, Gender Studies, Post-Modern Interpretative Luau Studies, and what have you.

Imagine if that money were put to some constructive purpose. Just imagine.

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