Encore: ‘We Are Not Alone’

“Sing louder!” the lady said. Well, all right. This was the first hymn to pop into my head this morning–and the first to come up on YouTube. We Are Not Alone–coming to us from southern India. Excuse me for posting it again: I think I need it.

By Request, ‘We Are Not Alone’

I’m doing hymn requests this afternoon, because it’s good for us. The nooze can wait.

Phoebe requested this beautiful hymn, We Are Not Alone, by the Voice of Eden. Oh, the voice of that soloist!

Between your prayers and the active help of our neighbor, Josh, and some of his friends, we’re learning just how not alone we are! Praise the Lord.

‘We Are Not Alone’

Boy, did I need this hymn, this morning! We Are Not Alone, by the Voice of Eden–clear over to the other side of the world, but only a step for the Holy Spirit.

I don’t know if I can wrap my head around writing anything this morning… but I can post something from a few years ago, and I’ll get it back together when Patty’s home from the hospital.

Encore: ‘We Are Not Alone’

This has become one of the most popular hymns we post here–We Are Not Alone, by Voice of Eden, coming to us from South India. If there’s anything we all need to remember, it’s this: God is with us. Now and always. Help us to know that, Lord!

‘We Are Not Alone’

What could be a more important lesson than this?

We are not alone! God will not desert us to be devoured by Woke and buried by Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, and Clinton. Just to name a few of the malefactors.

God has raised up for us brothers and sisters all over the world, as far away as you can go and still be on the planet. Shouldn’t we take courage from this? Christians in Africa and India have to cope with persecution. Shouldn’t we at least be singing louder?

And there is nothing more needed in America now than Christian education! Public schooling has become the devil’s dance-hall. They are not safe places for Christian children.

We Are Not Alone, sung by the Voice of Eden, in India–it’s more than just a hymn.

Encore! ‘We Are Not Alone’

Yes, I know I posted this not too long ago–We Are Not Alone, by Pepper Choplin, sung by The Voice of Eden. But I had a hankering for it today. O Lord our God, how we need your Spirit! We need to remember: God is with us.

By Request, ‘We Are Not Alone’

Thank you, Phoebe, for requesting this gorgeous hymn! This, this is the answer, the antidote, to all that wretched worldly nooze we have to cover. We have brothers and sisters in South India, and they can sing!

We Are Not Alone, sung by the Voice of Eden–its beauty moves me to tears.

‘We Are Not Alone’ (Voice of Eden)

Just trying to choose us a hymn to start the day, this one suddenly popped into my head–We Are Not Alone, sung by the Voice of Eden. Now it’s going to be with me all day, but I don’t mind, it’ll be good company.

From somewhere in India…

‘We Are Not Alone, God Is With Us’

How about some Voice of Eden to start the day? We Are Not Alone, God Is With Us, sung by Voice of Eden under a banyan tree (!) in southern India. Conducted by Pepper Choplin. I wish I could tell you the lead singer’s name–what a voice she has, to praise the Lord.

By Request, ‘We Are Not Alone’

I have to thank Phoebe for requesting this–We Are Not Alone, sung by the Voice of Eden, our brothers and sisters in India.

As dark as things are, these days, what with the ungodly running wild and the wicked trying to set up global government…  Well, we are not alone, our God is with us!

And somehow I think of that invincible Assyrian army that invaded Judah in the days of Hezekia: “…And behold, they were all dead corpses.” Amen.