Bonus Hymn: ‘Yield Not to Temptation’ (Voice of Eden)

It’s so hot today, and I just couldn’t write any more nooze this afternoon, it’s just more of the same bilge we had yesterday, and will see again tomorrow…

We all know this hymn, don’t we? Yield Not to Temptation, a Sunday school favorite from way back. We haven’t heard it sung in Tamil before; but God must be well pleased.  Sung by the Voice of Eden, in southern India.

‘In God’s Green Pastures’

Here’s another hymn from the Voice of Eden–In God’s Green Pastures.

What I’d love to see today is a reader who’s never yet requested a hymn… finally requesting one. The hymn shop is open!

‘Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary’

It’s another grey and dreary morning here, but there’s sunshine in this hymn, and plenty of it–Burdens Are Lifted at Calvary, sung by the Voice of Eden choir.

Now if I can just stop typing “cavalry” for “Calvary”–!

‘No One Cares Like Jesus’

How about another hymn from Voice of Eden? I’ve discovered a small cache of them. This is No One Cares Like Jesus, coming to you from southern India.

By Request, ‘In God’s Green Pastures Feeding’

Requested by Phoebe, another hymn by the Voice of Eden–In God’s Green Pastures Feeding. With harmonicas, no less–I feel right at home.

We have an abundance of hymn requests to fulfill, so please stay tuned.

‘Master, the Tempest is Raging’

This is the hymn I promised you from the Voice of Eden–Master, the Tempest is Raging. For the Bible story behind the hymn, see Mark 4: 25-31 (“even the sea obeys Him!”).

And we have more hymns today, so don’t go away.

Let’s Hear from You!

Listening Ears & Vocabulary —

Hey, I’ve found a new hymn by the Voice of Eden–and I will post it today if you guys want to hear it. I’ve never heard it before, but I’m sure it’ll be great.

But I do want to know your pleasure! This blog needs waking up! King COVID has cast a spell of drowsiness over the whole world, drowsiness and forgetfulness–don’t tell me you haven’t caught yourselves forgetting to do certain errands that are important but you forgot them anyway. That phenomenon is spreading all over the earth.

We can fight it with hymns! Our King Jesus Christ is mightier than theirs.

As another hymn puts it, “Rise up, O men [and women!] of God.” And as we sometimes sang in Sunday school, with more understanding than we could have realized, “Wise up, O men of God.”

Special Encore: ‘Up From the Grave He Arose’

I am strongly moved to post this hymn again today, don’t wait for tomorrow–Up from the Grave He Arose, by the Voice of Eden. I don’t know why I need to do this, but I try to heed such promptings.

We are saved because He arose. And when He returns to claim His throne, He will banish sin and death and all their servants with them, never to be seen or heard again.

Hell will be total separation from God, forever; and those who’ve asked for it will get it.

‘Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross’

We have brothers and sisters in Christ whose names we’ll never know, whom we’ll never meet. But thanks to modern communications, at least we can see and hear them.

Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross–sung by the Voice of Eden, brought to us from India.

‘Burdens Are Lifted at Calvary’

I was so happy to find another hymn video by Voice of Eden. I think they’re from somewhere in southern India; but wherever they are, they’re part of our Christian family. Burdens Are Lifted at Calvary, sung by Voice of Eden…