‘Gethsemane’ (Voice of Eden)

Have any of you heard this hymn before? I find there’s something hauntingly familiar about it.

Gethsemane, sung by Voice of Eden–Christ’s sufferings began in the garden of Gethsemane.

Encore, ‘We Are Not Alone’

I’m not doing well today. Last night I was clobbered with an allergy attack and it’s still tormenting me. And my leg still hurts, etc.

Phoebe thought it might well do me good to hear this hymn again–We Are Not Alone, by Voice of Eden. Now this hymn will be in my head for a while–of course it does me good, and thank you, Phoebe.

Anytime you can find Christians singing under a banyan tree, you know the Great Commission is alive and well.

By Request, ‘In God’s Green Pastures’

Requested by Phoebe–In God’s Green Pastures, by the Voice of Eden, coming to us from southern India.

I really like the addition of the harmonica!

By Request, ‘Jesus, Keep Me Near Thy Cross’

Not only is this a beautiful hymn, beautifully performed–but how can we not rejoice when we see our Christian family growing in India, China, all throughout the world? The shepherd is calling His sheep; and they know His voice.

Requested by Phoebe–Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross, sung by the Voice of Eden… in southern India. Brothers and sisters to us all.

‘We Are Not Alone’

Just this morning I found this new Voice of Eden video–We Are Not Alone, a new composition by Pepper Choplin. So the choir assembles under the banyan tree and sings it.

Meanwhile, the hymn contest is still on, you could win an autographed book or an original T-shirt–and I can’t explain why the leading hymn has only 21 views. Anyone can enter, and so many of you have never requested a hymn–why be bashful?

Bonus Hymn, ‘Up from the Grave He Arose’

This hymn has been in my head all afternoon, which makes me think I ought to post it: I want to hear it again. And maybe some of you do, too–Up From the Grave He Arose, by the Voice of Eden.

Bonus Hymn: ‘Yield Not to Temptation’ (Voice of Eden)

It’s so hot today, and I just couldn’t write any more nooze this afternoon, it’s just more of the same bilge we had yesterday, and will see again tomorrow…

We all know this hymn, don’t we? Yield Not to Temptation, a Sunday school favorite from way back. We haven’t heard it sung in Tamil before; but God must be well pleased.  Sung by the Voice of Eden, in southern India.

‘In God’s Green Pastures’

Here’s another hymn from the Voice of Eden–In God’s Green Pastures.

What I’d love to see today is a reader who’s never yet requested a hymn… finally requesting one. The hymn shop is open!

‘Burdens Are Lifted At Calvary’

It’s another grey and dreary morning here, but there’s sunshine in this hymn, and plenty of it–Burdens Are Lifted at Calvary, sung by the Voice of Eden choir.

Now if I can just stop typing “cavalry” for “Calvary”–!

‘No One Cares Like Jesus’

How about another hymn from Voice of Eden? I’ve discovered a small cache of them. This is No One Cares Like Jesus, coming to you from southern India.