By Request, ‘He Is Here’

Nooze leaves a nasty aftertaste; so I’m glad we’ve got a hymn contest going, and a hymn request from Erlene–He Is Here, by the Gaither Group with Wes Hampton as the soloist.

The hymn contest has only a month to run, so get in while you can!

By Request, ‘He Is Here’

I really do have to get some vacuuming done upstairs today; but first another hymn. Requested by Erlene, He Is Here, by the Gaither Group. Soloist: Wes Hampton.

We’re not going to run out of hymns, everybody–so don’t be bashful about requesting one.

By Request, ‘He Is Here’

Thank you, Erlene, for suggesting this–Wes Hampton and Marshall Hall singing He Is Here. Something to wash out the toxic aftertaste of the world news.

For He is here. Our Lord Jesus Christ stands in every doorway. He is closer than you think.

Which is indeed the foundation of our hope.