By Request, ‘He Is Here’

Requested by Erlene–He Is Here, by the Gaither Group, with Wes Hampton as the soloist.

(*Sigh* Look at that weather out there. Cold and rain and grey skies very nearly every day this month.)

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  1. Cheer up, you could have rain, and more rain, and grey skies for nearly every day for the last two months as its been here. It has also been very damp and cool, and at times I need to cover up with a blanket. It’s at times like this, I pray, Lord turn the heat back on and let me see the sun once more. With all that rain, every few days our canal overflows (as it did this morning), and there were fish swimming in water a foot or two deep on the road in front of our apartment (it’s not paved, so what a muddy mess it is). And this weather will continue until the end of February. And it seems this season, we have had a lot more rain than normal.

    1. Not that I would compare New Jersey to the tropics; but we’ve had only two days without rain this month. We’re not used to it.

  2. We moved to the Philippines in the month of February, and it rained every day for almost five weeks. We only saw the sun once, and that was only for a few minutes. And then the welcome sun came out for a full week with no rain.

  3. My sub job cancelled today because an ice storm is coming. I had no idea it rained so much in the Philippines.

    1. We are just a few degrees north of the Equator, which means, when the sun comes out its always very intense, like a hot campfire you’re sitting too close to.

  4. Yes, David, it does rain a lot here in the Philippines, but a few years ago there was a weather phenomenon called an El Ninos, which occurs every three to five years, and rarely seven years, and lasts 9 to 12 months. It caused a drought that was especially destructive on our island, Mindanao, the southernmost island. Farmers’ whole fields dried up and they lost all their crops. But most of the time we have an overabundance of rain. One year I lost one hectare of rubber trees (they were only a year old). From a huge rainstorm, the river rose many feet, and not one remained when the water had retreated. I hate that, when that happens.

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