‘Memory Lane: Skating in the Woods’ (2016)

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Grandma Moses knew these places–and painted them for us.

I like to run this piece now and then because I think it’s important to remember things that were good, people and places, squandered riches that we would’ve done well to keep.

Memory Lane: Skating in the Woods

Did I dream of all these places? There’s not a shred of them left. All pulled down, bulldozed, paved over, a perpetual sacrifice to the idol of mere ugliness. No more skating in the woods, because there’s no more woods. And that fabulous wealthy estate that I remember, torn away to make room for another housing development–I may be the only one left who ever knew it had once been there.

We don’t have to do these things.

God’s Stuff: Cardinals and Winter

Don’t look now, but winter’s coming and’ll get here soon. Don’t shut the door against its more charming aspects.

I can’t think of anything more beautiful than bright red cardinals in clean white snow. I could almost cry, seeing it: it’s that lovely.

Praise the Lord for His handiwork! Which tells us, again and again, that God is nigh. Always.