NY State Mulls ‘Migrant Tax’

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You said you wanted it!

They wanted to be a sanctuary city. They wanted to be a sanctuary state. They said so again and again.

Now the bill comes due, and they don’t like it!

Several New York State legislators are working on a “migrant tax”… because it’s expected to cost some $12 billion, over the next three years, to take care of illegal aliens who have come flooding into the state in general and New York City in particular (https://nypost.com/2023/09/16/socialists-eye-new-taxes-to-pay-for-migrants/). The legislators–honk if you’ve heard this before–label this “making the wealthy to pay their fair share” [12,000 horns immediately sound]. Mayor Adams is having fits over it: he doesn’t know how the city will be able to sustain the costs.

Democrats, you asked for this! Yeah, I know–it was always going to be somebody else’s state, somebody else’s city, that got lumbered with the care and feeding of illegal aliens… while you, in your state and city, enjoyed the luxury of cost-free virtue signalling.

Only now it turns out not to be cost-free, after all.

Who you gonna call? Joe Biden?

Make sure you wear galoshes when you have to use the sidewalks.