‘How to Write Good’ (2015)

7 Great Fantasy Novels for Teenagers - The New York Times

It isn’t often we hear from a best-selling author of young adults’ fiction, so let’s make the most of us. He insisted on concealing his identity, but you can probably guess who it is. You just can’t hide that kind of fame under a bushel.

How to Write Good

You will also notice how the market strives for Diversity by making sure that published novels, no matter how many there may be, are so shaped to be indistinguishable from one another. That way, if you’ve read one young adults’ fantasy, it’s sort of like you’ve read them all. The new ones won’t be so confusing then.

‘Not Only Dumb, But Evil’ (2015)

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I really do hate those jumpin’, spinnin’ kicks

I’m afraid a lot of the contemporary Young Adults fiction that I read isn’t fit to line a bird cage.

Not Only Dumb, but Evil

Some of this is just dumb adults cleverly (in their own minds) writing down to young readers. But there’s also stuff out there that’s downright toxic.

Then again, there’s fiction written for adults that’s even worse. You wouldn’t think that would even be possible, but a lot of authors manage it.

The thing to remember is: The fiction we consume in such great quantities is a passive form of self-education. So be careful of what you teach yourself.