Binding the Sheaves of Idiocy

OK, now, what have we learned this week?

We have learned that “unrestrained homosexuality” can help Save the Planet from Global Warming (while we all freeze our kiesters off).

We have learned that communism is best for Saving the Planet from Global Warming (while we all freeze our kiesters off).

And we have learned that Global Warming is “directly linked” to Income Inequality.

Bind them all together into one sheaf of progressive “thought”–if I may abuse the word–and what have you got? Besides a colossal load of pure crapola, I mean.

Lemme see, lemme see… We got Global Warming, we’re all gonna die, our cities are gonna wind up underwater… and, um, this is because we’ve got capitalism instead of communism… and homophobia’s also a big part of it… and eating meat… and smoking, and owning guns, and believing in God….

Ooh, ooh, I know! I’ve got it now!

Like, get rid of half or two-thirds of the people, ’cause there’s too many of them and it’s, like, not sustainable… and get rid of cars and light bulbs and air conditioning… and the people who are left can be small wandering bands of homosexual vegetarians… except for the real smart ones like Al Gore and Cher and Bette Middler and all those wonderful climate scientists–because we’ll need them to rule us and live in palaces and zoom around in private jets… And then everything will be fabulously wonderful!

You, too, can think like a progressive.

Just throw out your brain.

3 comments on “Binding the Sheaves of Idiocy

  1. It’s the “strong delusion” of 2 Thessalonians 2:11, writ large. The only redeeming element of this is that it can’t possible succeed. They can fool one another, they might fool some onlookers, but they can’t fool God Himself.

  2. It’s not supposed to make sense or have any logical coherence. That would be phallologocentric.

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