Comment Contest: 54 to Go, and Counting

Only 54 more to go, and someone will win a signed copy of one of my books (your choice) as the prize for posting the 3,000th comment on this blog.

Not qualified are any sales pitches posing as comments (you know who you are), any message containing an f-bomb or any other profanity, blasphemy, or personal abuse of me or any other commenter.

I am not Reddit or the Los Angeles Times, so I have not banned Climate Change Denial Denial comments, however inane and wrong I know them to be. Actually, though, I can ban anything I want. But in most cases I let the comment slide.

If you want to win a book, but can’t decide which one, just click “Books” and look them over.

P.S.–Yes, there have been some problems posting comments here, which WordPress has been unable to rectify because the difficulty has a variety of causes. But some readers have told me that, after they were rebuffed once, the comment went up when they tried again, even though they did nothing different the second time. Go figure. It’s computer stuff, way beyond me.

(P.P.S–Don’t those little girls have amazingly infectious smiles?)

6 comments on “Comment Contest: 54 to Go, and Counting

    1. There’s a guy in Australia who says you mustn’t give me compliments anymore, but I don’t think we have to listen to him.

  1. I recently met a young lady (age 15) who, like me (way older than age 15), is an avid reader of page-turning books (no e-books for us). I told her about your Bell Mountain books and that I thought them head and shoulders above the Harry Potter stuff. She was intrigued. I think she will be your next fan.

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