Global Warming Wacko: ‘Terminate Industrial Civilization’

This is from October of last year, but I only stumbled over it today–an academic interlectural saying we can Save the Planet by destroying its economy and risking the likely extinction of the human race ( ).

Atheist wack-job Gary McPherson, a doodler at the University of Arizona, appeared on New Zealand television to proclaim that we can stop Climate Change if we “terminate industrial civilization.” He admits that this will utterly wreck the whole world’s economy and could result in the rapid die-off of humanity. But hey, he argues–we’re gonna go extinct eventually, anyhow, so why not do it now? The planet will then be saved by having no people on it.

McPherson represents the extreme misanthrope wing of the Global Warming gang, which also consists of self-proclaimed gods, liberal control freaks, and progressive politicians who live like maharajas but would like the rest of us to scale it way, way back.

What are we to make of those out there in the world who actually believe what these people say? Who can begin to account for such credulity?

8 comments on “Global Warming Wacko: ‘Terminate Industrial Civilization’

  1. Thank God that we know He is in control. With people like this guy running loose on the planet, this could get serious if he could convince enough other insane idiots. Makes you really wonder if he is the same kind of species as the majority of other people.

    1. He claims there are only “ten” other Climate Change Scientists (such important people deserve capital letters) who agree entirely with him.
      But then, not so long ago, you couldn’t have found ten responsible people to say, “Oh, yeah–we want same-sex marriage.”

  2. I feel like saying “stop the world, I want to get off.” With foreigners coming here and insisting we change our whole life style to accommodate them or they will kick and scream and hold their breath, and these climate change,
    sex change, “hope and change” ding-bats- ???

  3. I bet if it came to the point, he’d be pretty reluctant to give up his house, his car, his Ipad, his job at the U., his high speed internet, his plumbing, his oven, his hot running water, his TV, his AC/heating, and his money. In fact, I bet he’d point blank refuse to give up any of it.

    1. Do they really, truly, believe the world is gonna end in 12 years unless they give all power to some stupid government? Can anyone really be that dumb?

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