A Interllectural Talks Abuot the Pope

Lookit that dum guy, he gose out to by grosseries and I come in and got his blog.

Ya know, somtimes it istnt easy bein a interllectural. Like, yestarday on compus I was waking past Mollatov Hall when I seen a poster on it, of The Pope. And I got mad bewccose thats religin and there istnt no religin aloud at our collidge, thats what collidge is for. So I done somethin abuot it.

I took my pen and drow a big Hilter mustash on The Pope and i was just writing some cuss words on the poster when my prefesser he come along and hit me upside the hed. Yuo” big ninkumpop he says, why” yuo doin that. Dont you know this here pope he is a good Pope!”

So I got confused and say prefesser, this here The Pope, didnt you say he is no good at all, hes a big fool and a relick, and a Hater, he dont allow no wimmin to be preists and he dont alow no gay marage? And my prefesser he says Yeah but that was last week, this is a good The Pope becase he beleaves in Globbal Warming and like th goverrmet must Do Somethin and Save the Planet, an he aslo beleaves in Equl Disturbution of Welth and no moe of that dirty nogood captalism”. And aslo Presdint Obamma he likes The Pop so that must be good.

So I says Well Prefesser im sorry, but i dont think I can errase that there Hilter mustash I drow on The Pope but I can cros out the cuss words, so i did and my prefesser he says never mind the mustash, Hilter he wastnt as bad as peple say, at leest he was a Socailist.

Alrighjt, now I Know this is a good The Pope and he helping The Presdint so its good for interllecturals to say this here is okay and we lik The Pope. And anyon who dosnt like The Pope is just stopid and a big dop, and not a interllectural at al.

Oh, and my prefesser he says that next week The Pope wil be no good again unles he makes wimmin Preests. Them iddoit christins!

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