P.S.–It’s Worse Than I Thought

If you still think the money we spend on public education is put to good use, here are some Yahoo! Questions and Answers on the subject of granting wishes ( https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090405172606AAbN0SM ).

Q: whats a sure way to get a wish granted, like a shooting star, or certain rites, or any websites that have this info, and i am not looking for spells, if you dont believe in wishes then dont bother answer and trying to convince me there not real because your not going to change my mind at all… And so on. This sentence never seems to end. But dig the answer.

A: The power of your mind is all you need really. Your mind radiates energy therefore the energy you project comes back to you. If you ask the universe for something and believe its already been givin you, then it will manifest itself. (everything around you is a manifestation of your thoughts…. I aked the universe for a distinct rock once, a few days later someone gave me a weird egg shaped stone/rock…

Ask the universe?

Everything around you is a manifestation of your thoughts–y’mean like trees, the ground, other people, other people’s thoughts? But maybe you’re only a manifestation of some other guy’s thoughts.

Here’s another one.

A: The universe decides if you truly “need” this wish. If it is not an important issue and it is selfish, you will not receive it.

Gee, who has done a worse job here–our schools or our churches?

They hold jobs (some of them). They reproduce. They vote.

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  1. I might be wrong, but the first person who answered that stupid question may have been being facetious; anyways, yeah, you just have to shake your head at the stupidity.

  2. Ask the universe? Everything is a manifestation of your thoughts? Where did these people escape from? Just so hard to believe that people could actually believe these things. To be honest, it’s scary.

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