Top Atheist: Maybe ET’s Created Life on Earth

Just in case you missed this, when it was included in the movie, Expelled, a few years ago, here is atheist cleanup hitter Richard Dawkins saying that maybe space aliens created life on earth, or at least “seeded” the place.

Having admitted that neither he nor anybody else knows the origin of life (see the Bible for the answer to that question), Dawkins is backed into a corner, trying to explain how life began. When the interviewer, Ben Stein, tosses him the life-preserver, “Maybe aliens started life on Earth,” Dawkins grabs it.

I guess this is why he calls atheists like himself “Brights,” to distinguish them from the dim bulbs like us who don’t believe in space aliens as substitutes for God.

7 comments on “Top Atheist: Maybe ET’s Created Life on Earth

  1. What’s really stupid is that they seem to think no one will ask the question, “How did the space aliens come into being?”

  2. Stein is good at that. It is a great movie, one of my favorites. I don’t believe that Stein is particularly religious, to the best of my knowledge he’s not practicing the Jewish faith, but he believes in a Creator.

    I guess that in the minds of The Left, an amorphous space alien is preferable to a God whom requires exclusive devotion and obedience.

  3. And then there’s astronaut Don Pettit who said they haven’t been back o the moon because NASA destroyed the technology and it would be too painful to get it back again. Really? And then there’s the NASA engineer, Kelly Smith, who admits they can’t get through the Van Allen Radiation Belt and can only remain in low earth orbit. Again – Really? Then how did they get through it the first time? Use a clothespin when wading thorough NASA information. It stinks, and the lies are so deep you need wading boots.

    The whole space alien lie is a set-up. Get ready for our ‘space brothers’ folks.

    1. President *Batteries Not Included corrupted and debauched NASA, as his administration corrupted and debauched every agency of government it touched.

    2. There’s no doubt the guy who’s rumored to carry a monkey god in his pocket did heavy damage to this nation and its agencies, and I’m certainly not defending him. He was devastating to this country. But he certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on it. That switch was flipped long before he showed up on the scene.

  4. Dawkins says his faith is in Natural Selection. And Mr. Dawkins, where did Natural Selection come from? A child makes more sense than these “Brights.” President *Batteries Not Included still has his leftovers in the State & Justice Dept continuing to do damage to our Republic.

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