Ben Carson’s Jesus Scandal

How inutterably shocking! A man who wishes to be president has, in his private home, a picture of himself with Jesus Christ Our Lord.

According to our nooze media, this is intolerable. Dr. Ben Carson is once again cast as an Enemy of the People, completely disqualified from ever holding public office.

Bad enough he said he didn’t believe in the Big Bang or Evolution. Even worse, his mind is not right about the pyramids of Egypt. But this–!

Now, if Carson had good taste, he would have his house decorated with pictures of Marx, Kinsey, Darwin, Castro, maybe even a framed book title page autographed by Richard Dawkins (who believes super-intelligent Space Brothers may have originally “seeded” Earth with life).

Having been exposed as someone who loves Jesus Christ, Carson’s only way out now is to start dating a Kardashian. This just may rehabilitate him in the public eye. Is there a K-sister left available, or will he have to wait in line until one of them is free?

Be in a picture with Jesus–bad.

Be in a picture with Bruce Gender–priceless!

3 comments on “Ben Carson’s Jesus Scandal

  1. I’m a Canadian and a believer in Jesus the Christ. The USA should be thankfull to have a person who speaks the truth and will stand by his covections. Sure wish we had politions every where who lived the truth. I’m feed up with those who slander other candidates. How about some honest campaining or does the press consider the populas stupid? Try reading the Bible and it’s prophetic message – the end is near, hope you know the savior, Ben does but America has lost her way so beprepared for the judgement.

    1. Not that Canada has all the much to brag about… but we’re closing in on you fast and will soon pass you on the way to the bottom.

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