University’s War on Reality

You are getting educated. You are getting verrrry educated…

The Student Senate at Kansas University has voted to abolish “binary pronouns”–that is, ordinary English words like he and she, him and her–from its official Rules and Regulations document ( ).


Because these ordinary English words constitute “microaggression” against some unspecified victim.

And what the dickens is “microaggression”?

Oh, it’s anything you say or do, no matter how innocent or innocuous, that some kollege kook might decide to take offense at, or be “hurt” by. It’s any language that is not “inclusive.”

What does “inclusive” mean?

Aw, who cares!

This is just another great institution of higher learning petulantly, childishly, making war on reality. They don’t like the fact that human beings are either male or female. They reject it! Why, there’s no end to the number of genders out there! And every cotton-pickin’ thing you say has got to include all of them, or else we’ll throw a hissy fit and key your car.

Your tuition dollars at work.

Honestly–can’t you think of any better way to spend your money?

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  1. Children are taught to be ‘fragile’ long before college. Start ’em young. In grade school. They learn how to play a game with no winners and trophies for all. Society has gone over the edge.

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