Carol, ‘What Child is This?’

Contrary to legend, Henry VIII had nothing to do with composing this melody, which was first published in England as “Greensleeves” in 1580. Since then, Christmas lyrics have been written to celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God

This one is a very nice instrumental version.

12 comments on “Carol, ‘What Child is This?’

  1. Beautiful! The violin is my favorite instrument (along with piano and harp). Thank you, Lee. This was my baby sister’s favorite melody too, which makes this particularly poignant.

    1. Me too. Father brought her home when she was 24 – but it certainly was a glorious sound!

  2. One of my favorite Christmas carols. I also and especially like it as Greensleeves which is how I first heard when I was a little girl. Mom took me and my sister shopping for dresses at Lit Brothers. I chose one dress out of all the other because it had — green sleeves! And all the way down to my wrists.

  3. I meant to write: My mom took my sister and me…….. Bothered me until I came back to correct it. It’s just me.

    1. My high school music teacher told me how he used to live, as a student, in an apartment. The man in the apartment directly below his played the piano. One night he played a piece and suddenly stopped and went out, leaving the piece unfinished. This gnawed at Mr. A to the point where he couldn’t sleep until he went downstairs, found the other apartment’s door unlocked, and played the last few notes of the piece. Then he could sleep.

      I’m guessing you’d sympathize with that.

  4. Yes, I would. I’m also a lint-picker. If I don’t see it, all is well but if that little bit of string or fuzz or whatever catches my eye, my mind begins to work out a plan of how to snatch that lint away without creating an awkward situation.

    1. Marge, I want to be sure you’ll get the book you really want… so pick one. Even “Bell Mountain.” If I run out, I’ll just have to order more.

  5. Any one that you have available. I want to give it to my daughter, Katelyn, to read when she is here visiting with me this coming summer. She will be ten years old this coming February and is an avid reader. Thank you again.

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