By Request, ‘How Deep the Father’s Love for Us’

Stuart Townsend and the Stoneleight Worship Band with How Deep the Father’s Love for Us, by reader request–and there go the waterworks. I never heard this beautiful hymn before, and it went to my heart.

“My sin upon His shoulders”–this is the core of our faith. This song has its lyrics deeply embedded in the Scriptures. Read ’em and see!

2 comments on “By Request, ‘How Deep the Father’s Love for Us’

  1. Thank you, Lee. Another Spirit-filled hymn to carry in our hearts, and sing over and over again – louder! Our Precious Lord knows we need all we can get in these dark and perilous times.

  2. And I’d like to also thank you for providing such a wonderful service to His Body where all can come to freely worship.

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