‘P.C. Police: Diversity Squad’ ( Sponsors Wanted)

Bolus Entertainment is seeking sponsors for its new, can’t-miss, blockbuster TV series, P.C. Police: Diversity Squad.

The two main characters, cops Spike and Evita, both of them undocumented asylum seekers, “are real good buddies and–ahem!–a lot more,” says executive producer Yersinia Pestis. “In each and every episode, they’re going to make the world safe for Diversity by stomping out anyone who won’t get  behind the program.

“Just in the pilot alone,” Pestis said, “Spike and Evita hunt down the last white family in the city, bust up a Climate Change denial ring, deal with an evil Christian musician who tries to refuse to perform at a gay wedding, and help their local community organizer create a safe space for looters.”

“Best of all,” he added, “several major universities have promised to give course credit to students who watch Diversity Squad. And our two stars–who are computer-generated, by the way!–will be visiting campuses to encourage students to sign an oath pledging their lifelong loyalty to the cause of Social Justice.

“TV,” he said, “will never be the same again.”



6 comments on “‘P.C. Police: Diversity Squad’ ( Sponsors Wanted)

  1. My father was right – at least in part. In the ’50’s, when I was a little girl, he monitored our television viewing to be sure the program (interesting choice of words) was not going to have a bad influence. He called tv ‘the idiot box’. And we only had 3 channels in those days! Well, it is, but that’s only half of the story. It’s done what possibly only Hollywood and education could do – Program and Indoctrinate. Inane, absurd, idiotic – and possibly dangerous.

    1. Actually, this is a satire. After I posted it, my wife warned me: “Do you really think this show couldn’t be made?”

      Well, for the time being, my invention is a warning. This is where TV is going. Don’t follow it.

  2. Your wife is a wise woman. And let’s not leave out the video gaming world. Someone may pick up this idea for a video game. Heaven forbid!
    Just look at the new Fox lineup – Luciferian deluxe.

    1. I know from experience that even the most off-the-wall satires can come true. I hate it when that happens. Nevertheless, satire is a tool for calling attention to a problem, and I use it.

      Hadn’t thought of a video game, though.

  3. Hollywood calling Lee Duigon, Hollywood calling Lee Duigon, please come on board as a script writer for our TV shows – we need quick wits like yours for our agenda to further our progressive vision. We will pay you triple what you are making now, and even throw in a complimentary ticket to one of the Playboy Mansion parties. Forget Christianity and we will make you rich.

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