Winter Ain’t All Bad

Hi! Mr. Nature here, with a comforting thought.

Don’t be entirely down on winter: because, if you’ve got cold days and colder nights, snow on the ground, ice hanging from your gutters, and teeth chattering, there’s one thing you absolutely, positively, don’t ever have to worry about. Not ever.

Army ants.

Watch these bugs devour everything in their path, and reflect on the fact that a nice big snowman would stop them in their tracks.

So much for life in the tropics!

6 comments on “Winter Ain’t All Bad

  1. Oh my goodness! And I thought the fire ants in Florida were bad. If one crawls on you, it won’t bite and alert you of its presence until it has called all it’s friends to join in. By the time you feel the biting, it’s quite a job to get them all off. And by that time you’re covered in bites, and boy do they itch – for a long time!

    1. Didn’t know you were a Floridian, Linda. I am too! I hate hate hate fire ants. Their name is very apt.
      I am not a tropical sort of person; I’d rather have cold weather than hot (though I’m not big on snow).

    2. South Florida weather suits me to a tee, Laura 🙂 I’m like my cats – heat-seeking! The problem is I happen to be up in cold, snowy Western New York at the moment. Can’t really complain, though. Winter has been relatively mild this year, for which I’m truly grateful.

      Fire ants are merciless critters and all sorts of methods attempting to eradicate them are nearly futile. One old farmer told me the trick – and it works! If you happen to have two anthills they’re separate colonies. Take one shovelful from each and add it to the other. Then let them fight it out.

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