New Comment Contest

Comment No. 4,700 has just come in, so I reckon it’s time to announce a new contest.

Whoever posts Comment No. 5,000 will win a free book.

The last contest I announced (find three new readers for my books and win a free book for yourself) seems to have fallen flat on its face. It must be awful hard to get anyone to buy books. (Here he makes a strenuous but successful effort to refrain from saying something naughty about a certain other author.)

But a comment contest, that’s easy! Just scroll to the bottom of any post and leave a comment.

Also, sometime this Spring, this blog will receive its 100,000th view. I haven’t figured out a way to make a contest out of that,  but I’m open to suggestion.

And now, just now, it’s raining hard and my elbow really hurts… so I must sign off for now.

3 comments on “New Comment Contest

  1. Sorry to hear that your elbow is giving you such a problem, Lee. A brush burn is worse than an actual cut, I think, and sitting at the computer constantly moving it isn’t helpful. Rest awhile.

    As for comment 5,000 coming up – congratulations! Just a couple months ago you thought that was a pipedream, but here you are 🙂

  2. Nice thing about this blog and it’s Comment Contests, is that there are very few bloggers here. It makes it easy to win! 🙂

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