How to Stop a Rapist: Use ‘The Force’

A top national broadcaster in Finland–please don’t ask me to pronounce or spell his name–has recommended that women use… well, magic! to protect themselves from rape ( ).

It has been suggested that the guy was only joking. Well, if it was a gag, considering the rape epidemic unleashed on Europe by its loony leaders and their mass importation of lawless Muslims, it was in very poor taste.

So… if you think some low-life means to rape you, all you gotta do is hold up your empty hand, Star Wars-style, and push him back without touching him. I’ve seen this in kung-fu movies, too, and it always works. But if, in the unlikely event that it doesn’t work on the back streets of Helsinki, then you must do it with two hands. And if that don’t work, clout him with your purse.

It has to be something like that because Finland, like most European countries, allows no meaningful methods of self-defense. You can’t have a gun, pepper spray, or a nice Crocodile Dundee knife. Makes it easy pickin’s for the criminals.

After you successfully beat down a rapist using nothing but The Force, proceed immediately to your nearest Star Wars church and give thanks to Obi-Wan or whatever.

Do they understand, anymore, that Star Wars is a movie? Not real? Something they made up in Hollywood? Do they even understand that anymore?

You tell me.

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  1. Given the lunacy exuded by the Star Wars groupies in this country, I wonder if they, too, realize it’s just a movie, made up in Hollywood. The groupies have made it a movement rather than a movie.

    As for the magic act, it sure wouldn’t be my choice in self-defense methods. Insanity runs rampant the world over.

  2. One of the reasons my daughter started with Taekwondo when she was 3. We wanted her to be able to defend herself later on. She is now a 3rd degree black belt in and working to be a Master. She’s only 11, but she can do some serious damage, and that makes me a happy mom! Really scary world for girls right now. And no, I don’t get the “Star Wars is real” mindset. I guess if you don’t have God in your life, that’s no worse than any of the other crap people fill the void with. We’re purposely made with the capacity for faith. Too bad these people pick the wrong god to their own detriment.

    1. I have studied martial arts for most of my life, and I am convinced a gun or a canister of pepper spray would be better. Unarmed self-defense should be the last resort.

      I’m 6 feet tall, very muscular, well-trained in judo, karate, and swordsmanship–and I say, give me a white oak staff every time. I’ve seen and experienced enough to know that for sure.

      I hope you know I don’t mean to discourage you or alarm you, but one of the faults of learning unarmed martial arts is, it can give you a false sense of security. Please trust me on this: I know whereof I speak.

      Stop the taekwando? Most certainly not? It could save a life someday. But please make sure your daughter understands that the truly competent martial artist avoids dangerous or risky situations.

      Ever see “The Seven Samurai”? Trying to recruit really good warriors for a dangerous mission, they set up interviews in a barn; and as each samurai comes in, a young man hiding next to the doorway tries to brain him with a stick.

      He gets thrown around and roughed up a lot, doing this, although he also succeeds in knocking the stuffing out of Toshiro Mifune.

      But the samurai they finally choose is the one who stops in front of the doorway and says, “No tricks, now!” He knew better than to pass through an unsecured doorway to talk with men he didn’t know and trust.

      I know, it’s a movie, and I just finished thumping on movies. But in this case the lesson taught in the movie is critical for every student of any kind of martial art.

    2. Oh, I know it doesn’t protect her from every given situation, and she knows the best self-defense is to avoid risky situations and get away if she can. But you can’t take a weapon everywhere (at her age she can’t even legally own/carry one, though she is learning to shoot.) But most kids are victims to people who assume they have an easy, unsuspecting target that can’t fight back. If she ever gets surprised by a tough situation, outside playing, at an event, or on a date when she gets older, at least she’ll have some skill and muscle memory to back her up. Way better than teaching her to just be a victim and accept it like the schools were trying to. Don’t even get me started on that…

  3. No, they do not understand. They are afraid of their own shadows more than they fear attackers.

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