‘How to Stop a Rapist: Use The Force’ (2016)

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See? All you gotta do is hold up your hands, and the bad guys are toast!

A few years ago Western Europe had a rape epidemic; and most of the perps were Muslim “asylum seekers.”

Here’s what one idiot in Finland suggested be done about it.

How to Stop a Rapist: Use ‘The Force’

Yeah! Just do like the Jedi Knights do in Star Wars! The fact that the whole thing is a Hollywood fantasy shouldn’t deter anyone for a moment.

My sensei used to groan when people came to his dojo wanting to learn “them jumpin’, spinnin’ kicks” that they saw all the time in movies. Do people really not understand that movies aren’t real?

But it does offer governments a way to get away with stupid and insane policies that wreck their countries .

Too bad there’s no “Force” that would get them out of office!

How to Stop a Rapist: Use ‘The Force’

A top national broadcaster in Finland–please don’t ask me to pronounce or spell his name–has recommended that women use… well, magic! to protect themselves from rape ( http://www.infowars.com/bizarre-video-teaches-finnish-women-to-use-the-force-to-defend-against-rapists/ ).

It has been suggested that the guy was only joking. Well, if it was a gag, considering the rape epidemic unleashed on Europe by its loony leaders and their mass importation of lawless Muslims, it was in very poor taste.

So… if you think some low-life means to rape you, all you gotta do is hold up your empty hand, Star Wars-style, and push him back without touching him. I’ve seen this in kung-fu movies, too, and it always works. But if, in the unlikely event that it doesn’t work on the back streets of Helsinki, then you must do it with two hands. And if that don’t work, clout him with your purse.

It has to be something like that because Finland, like most European countries, allows no meaningful methods of self-defense. You can’t have a gun, pepper spray, or a nice Crocodile Dundee knife. Makes it easy pickin’s for the criminals.

After you successfully beat down a rapist using nothing but The Force, proceed immediately to your nearest Star Wars church and give thanks to Obi-Wan or whatever.

Do they understand, anymore, that Star Wars is a movie? Not real? Something they made up in Hollywood? Do they even understand that anymore?

You tell me.