Another Reason Not to Watch the Stupid Bowl

Are you tired of multimillionaire celebrities whining about how oppressed they are?

Well, if you’re not, you’ll enjoy the Super Bowl halftime show today, during which oppressed zillionaire superstar Beyonce will perform what has been described as “a racially charged” music video ( ).

The video will feature a police car being sunk into some body of water, and a wall spray-painted with the message, “Stop Shooting Us.” Because, as you know, white policemen make a habit of gunning down poor black males for no reason whatsoever and always get away with it because of White Privilege.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of “Us” who get murdered, get murdered by “Us.” Not by policemen. This is a fact. There are people who are not afraid to state it. But they don’t get to put on Super Bowl halftime shows.

Hey! Wouldn’t it be absolutely cool if Beyonce set off a race riot at the Super Bowl? I don’t know–is that what she wants? Because liberals sure do give the impression that that’s exactly what they want.

Our Lord blesses peacemakers. How do you suppose He feels about persons who go far out of their way to un-make the peace?

Turn it off, folks; turn it off. There’s got to be something better to do than watching this garbage.

5 comments on “Another Reason Not to Watch the Stupid Bowl

  1. I could not agree more!! If there is anything I hate more than watching grown men line up, start to run somewhere, then all fall down in a big pile,
    I can’t think of anything worse than maybe watching or listening to career politicians all running their mouths at the same time. About par, I would say. I find both very “offensive” to me. Can I file a compaint?

  2. Let me also press the agree button. My husband does like football, but does not appreciate the halftime shenanigans so he pauses the game while it’s being played – enough to zoom through commercials and halftime. Then he can just restart the game. I, on the other hand, sit here on my computer and read your posts, listen to hymns and Bible studies and do research.

  3. Sorry Lee, I love football and hockey, but I loath intermission reporting and commercials, so I always pause of tape the games – that way I can zoom through the stuff I don’t like and watch what I came for, the game!

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