A Prehistoric Lollapalooza

I’ve been trying to find you a video of one of my all-time favorite prehistoric animals, Uintatherium, and the best I can do is this old soup commercial. Actually, this Uintatherium looks pretty good, although its size is, shall we say, greatly exaggerated–unless it’s the mob of hungry humans who’ve been downsized.

This is the critter, the sight of which causes Lord Orth to lose his mind in The Last Banquet. It also caused me to lose track of 17 or 18 Temple servants, but my editor fixed that before the book was published.

Uintatherium was about the size of a full-grown rhinoceros, with a huge rectangular head full of horns, knobs, and tusks. I’ve always enjoyed it, and I hope you will, too.

9 comments on “A Prehistoric Lollapalooza

  1. How on earth did you even remember the name of this critter? I don’t remember this one being in ‘The Land Before Time’, but, my memory sometimes hits a snag lol.

    1. I think they’re pretty neat myself and who knows – if we stick around this planet much longer, the gene-splicers and genetic editors may come up with one.

    2. It just occurs to me that that multitude of tiny little people is trying to *eat* the Uintatherium! Like a host of army ants. Not a nice thought!

    3. I’d really prefer to think they were hitching a ride – but I’m sure you’re right – ugh!

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