The War on Normal People

Hey, here’s a campaign slogan I can really get behind:

Stop the war on normal people!

As opposed to, for instance, the imaginary “war on women” so beloved of liberal politicians, the war on normal people is real and we are sick and tired of it. Our national leaders and bosses wage it ceaselessly. And it’s high time it stopped.

If you work for a living, or even own a business that provides work not only for yourself but for others, too;

If you’re a Christian, as your family has been for untold centuries;

If you abide by the law, mind your own business, don’t require any special favors, don’t march in demonstrations, still have the sex organs you were born with, don’t blame others for every setback and demand the government make it right, with money earned by other people;

If you stay married, and raise your children in the context of a normal family;

If any of that above description applies to you, then watch out–America’s ruling class, along with America’s teacher unions and collidge prefessers  and nooze media types, have declared it open season on you. To whip up support among their favorite voting blocs, they have branded you biggit-hater-homophobic racists (if you happen to be black, the label would be “acting white”) who are at fault for every problem in the world and must be made to pay for it. They find you perpetually guilty of a slew of crimes and sins you may have never even heard of: misgendering, microaggression, or even the ultimate despicable crime of “humanizing the fetus.”

It’s all your fault. You’ve cooked the climate, it’s your fault that Syria’s a hellhole, you’re to blame for the Mexican drug gangs–and our rulers will shout your guilt from the housetops.

Go ahead, tell me this doesn’t happen. Tell me I’m wrong. ‘Cause I sure wish I were.

3 comments on “The War on Normal People

  1. The one thing we are guilty of, unfortunately, is letting them get away with it. We must pray unceasingly to entreat Our Lord to turn His Face back to this country – but we also must prove we are worthy. Judgment has come to America.

  2. No, Lee, unfortunately you are not wrong. You are very correct (not politically correct, just telling the truth). I am so sick of this morass that I used to call my beloved country and that is unrecognizable now.
    II Chronicles 7:14 is our only hope.

  3. Very well put, Lee. I watch the Trump rallies flooded with people inside and outside the arenas and wonder why we normal people aren’t making a difference in the direction our country is taking. It all comes down to faith in the Christian God upon Whom this nation was founded. Until we believers return whole-heartedly to the word of the Lord and become the salt and the light, nothing is going to change.

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