‘Cause of Death: Politics’ (2013)

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It was six years ago, that I wrote this, and our political class, as crazy as it was, couldn’t begin to compare with what it is today. In only six years they’ve gone from all class warfare to total “transformation” of reality itself.

Cause of Death: Politics

Do you know people who think it’s a punishable crime for anyone to have more money than they do? In 2013 that’s what Jersey Democrats were selling. And the voters were buying it.

Envy, savage envy, as the foundation of civilization–yeah, that’ll work!


The Dream Police

Hey, that sounds like the title of an award-winning science fiction story. But it’s not.

Mange State University is now punishing white heterosexual students for things they say and do in minority students’ dreams.  Punishments range from mandatory sensitivity training to expulsion and forfeiture of tuition. Offending students are also required to become the personal servants of those students whose dreams they have disturbed.

“People want to know how you can be held responsible for something that you do in someone else’s dream,” said Prof. Joe Djugashvili, the university’s Diversity Mullah. “Well, we don’t care about that stupid racist question! We are concerned that minority students here at Mange live in a safe space even in their sleep! We are serving notice on white heterosexual students that they no longer can expect to get away with perpetuating microaggressions in a minority student’s dreams–while the poor minority student is lying there defenseless, you know.”

But how can it be proved that a white heterosexual student did, in fact, appear in a minority student’s dream and commit an act of microaggression?

“We don’t care about that stupid racist question, either!” Djugashvili said. “We ask another question: Can you prove you didn’t? Huh? Huh? And they never can! Besides, only a racist or a sexist or an ablist or a cissexist or an agist or a classist would ever say a minority student was lying!”


The War on Normal People

Hey, here’s a campaign slogan I can really get behind:

Stop the war on normal people!

As opposed to, for instance, the imaginary “war on women” so beloved of liberal politicians, the war on normal people is real and we are sick and tired of it. Our national leaders and bosses wage it ceaselessly. And it’s high time it stopped.

If you work for a living, or even own a business that provides work not only for yourself but for others, too;

If you’re a Christian, as your family has been for untold centuries;

If you abide by the law, mind your own business, don’t require any special favors, don’t march in demonstrations, still have the sex organs you were born with, don’t blame others for every setback and demand the government make it right, with money earned by other people;

If you stay married, and raise your children in the context of a normal family;

If any of that above description applies to you, then watch out–America’s ruling class, along with America’s teacher unions and collidge prefessers  and nooze media types, have declared it open season on you. To whip up support among their favorite voting blocs, they have branded you biggit-hater-homophobic racists (if you happen to be black, the label would be “acting white”) who are at fault for every problem in the world and must be made to pay for it. They find you perpetually guilty of a slew of crimes and sins you may have never even heard of: misgendering, microaggression, or even the ultimate despicable crime of “humanizing the fetus.”

It’s all your fault. You’ve cooked the climate, it’s your fault that Syria’s a hellhole, you’re to blame for the Mexican drug gangs–and our rulers will shout your guilt from the housetops.

Go ahead, tell me this doesn’t happen. Tell me I’m wrong. ‘Cause I sure wish I were.