‘Trump’s a Nazi’: You Saw It First on Fawlty Towers

Consider the prophetic quality of this bit from Fawlty Towers, filmed back around 1970.

Basil Fawlty (John Cleese), having abused, neglected, and insulted his hotel guests past the point of no return, spins around and blames them for everything. He is especially angry with the American guest who called him out for his incredibly shoddy and incompetent service.

Kind of like Donald Trump has called out the Republican establishment. If they had a hotel, it would be Fawlty Towers.

And wouldn’t you know it? Basil, berating his guests, goes on to say, “This is exactly how Nazi Germany got started!”

Ooh! Decades later, Trump and angry voters are blamed for the prat falls of the GOP–and they’re calling his supporters “Nazis” because they raised their hands, and Trump is “Hitler” and “Mussolini,” and so on.

I haven’t seen such irrational hatred of a candidate, and heard such pure venomous twaddle spouted about him, since poor Barry Goldwater in 1964 was accused to wanting to blow up the world. The Democrats actually ran a TV ad claiming that mushroom clouds would spring up all over the world if Goldwater were elected.

If these bums are so afraid of Trump, there must be something good about him.

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  1. In my lifetime, I haven’t seen the likes of this. They’re so afraid of The Donald that Rubio and Kasich won’t drop out lest their delegates should possibly go to Trump. And now they’re threatening a brokered convention. Never mind the will of the people; the establishment is king. This is outrageous, no matter who your candidate of choice is. And no matter who the nominee – and eventual president – is, unless he allows himself to be led by God, failure will be the outcome – for the presidency, for the country and for us all.

    1. I watched that yesterday. Will our leaders be wise enough to listen? I can only pray that, against all experience, they will.

  2. I don’t think Trump is a Nazi, and there is definitely a lot of hatred of him from the Republican establishment going around. But sour grapes on their part doesn’t automatically mean Trump must be a good choice. Part of that hatred he has brought on himself by his own behavior and out of line, offensive things he’s said to people during his campaign.

    From my perspective as a voter he still has a lot to answer for that makes me not trust him. In debates, he has thrown out nothing but rhetoric, has no specific plan on critical issues, and when he is called on that he just acts like a bully, insults the person who posed the question, and then talks over them when it is their turn to speak. Not especially presidential. Is that how he will handle difficult foreign leaders during a conflict?

    He thinks the military will engage in immoral and criminal acts just on his say-so, he has already admitted he won’t side with Israel (we’ve had enough of that from Obama), and he has defended planned parenthood. I don’t think he will defend the Constitution, which has taken a severe beating under Obama, and I can only imagine what justice he would try to replace Scalia with. From everything I have seen so far, he appears to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s only dressed as a conservative because it serves his purpose for the moment, but underneath who knows what he’s really wearing. It may not be a Nazi uniform, but I’m still kind of afraid to find out, because my gut tells me it isn’t good.

    The establishment hates Cruz just as much as Trump, probably more in all reality. But Cruz shares far more of my Christian values, and his actual record has proved he’s willing to fight for conservative issues, not just give them lip service.

    Trust me, I’m not defending the establishment–they have created this mess by their own dishonesty, time and time again. Voters are super angry, and have a right to be. I’m just not sure Trump is the hero they think he’s going to be. At the end of the day, he’s all flash, no substance. Keep in mind too, that the Republican primaries so far have been mostly open, allowing Democrats to cross over and vote–some of them to purposely interfere with the Republican nomination process, some because they actually like him. Not a good sign either way. I don’t think this is giving us a true picture of what Republicans voters think, and of course the media is hyping Trump up because they can.

    Sorry for the mini-rant. A natural hazard of posting about politics in an election year. : )

    1. Please note that I didn’t advise anyone to vote for Trump. If the alternative is Hillary Clinton, I would consider myself duty-bound to vote for Trump if he’s the nominee.

      I’m much more in synch with Ted Cruz; but it’s been my experience, actively working in Republican campaigns here in New Jersey, that establishment Republicans are much, much more comfortable with radical leftist Democrats than they are with any GOP candidate perceived to be a genuine conservative. So I have seen them purposely undermine their party’s own candidates in order to ensure the election of a business-as-usual left-wing Democrat (pardon the tautology). Therefor I believe that, if Ted Cruz is the candidate, the GOP big shots will do everything in their power to make sure he loses.

      One way or another, we have to get our country out from under the wicked, ungodly, permanent political class. We must not allow Clinton, or some “moderate” Republican stooge, to finish the job advanced so far along by Obama.

      I’m afraid it’s all going to depend on just how angry God is with America.

    2. I totally agree with you there. If I have to vote for Trump I’ll hold my nose at the polls and do it–grudgingly. And yes, you’re right that the establishment would cause trouble for Cruz. Not sure Trump would fare any better against the Clinton machine though. I think they would eat him for lunch in a general election. We’re probably in trouble no matter who the nominee is. As you said, it’s all going to depend on how angry God is…and how close we are to the events in Revelation all clicking into place. Will we manage to come back from the brink again, or have we finally gone past the point of no return?

  3. I agree with what everyone of you has written, and even though we know
    God is still God and He can do anything He wishes with the inhabitants of this twisted, evil world, and we also know what the final result will be, but we can see examples in Scripture when evil nations repented and He held off His judgment for a time. II Chronicles 7:14 is still in the Word and it is still true. What I see as the greatest need in this nation today is / are true prophets to cry out to a lukewarm church. Judgment begins in the house of the Lord. With some on-fire true prophets of God to bring a message of
    repentance with results; anything is possible.

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