When Clinton Tried to ‘Neutralize Talk Radio’

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No one noticed it when it was happening in 1996. Certainly no one reported on it. But now it’s turned up in documents kept in the Clinton Presidential Library. Rather foolish of them to hold on to these.

With the support of the Bill Clinton presidential administration, the Democrat National Committee embarked on a secret program to train 4,000 operatives to “inundate talk radio” with Democrat talking points (https://www.redstate.com/alexparker/2019/09/11/report-the-dnc-launched-an-initiative-to-infiltrate-talk-radio-are-their-instructions-still-being-followed/). Its purpose was to “neutralize” talk radio going into the 1996 election. They called it “the Talk Radio Initiative.”

Ops received a three-hour training session in which they learned what to say and how to say it, how to deceive the host, how to deceive the audience, etc. But it wasn’t long before talk show hosts noticed “the same language on the same subjects and the same arguments.”

How much did this cost, and who paid for it?

I think I can safely say Republicans never would have thought of this; and even if they did, they’ve be afraid to try it. Afraid of being called “racists.” And if somehow they found the nerve to try it, they surely would have blundered and been caught–like, right away. But Democrats kept their little scheme a secret for almost 25 years.

Why do Democrats work so hard to get political power? There’s almost nothing they won’t do to obtain it, no lie they won’t tell, no career they won’t destroy. Why? Is it just because political power means money–and plenty of it? Or does their lust for power over other people have a deeper, darker source?

They really do have to be put out of business. For good.

The Bimbo Eruption Squad Changes Its Tune

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We are now asked to believe that the Bimbo Eruption Party, aka Democrats, has completely changed its spots and has become the party of absolutely defending all women against harassment and victimization by powerful men. Do you believe that? I don’t.

If you’re not old enough to remember “bimbo eruptions,” this is what Team Clinton called it when women complained about Billy-boy preying on them sexually. Worst Lady Hillary led a squad of slimeballs whose job it was to slime those women. You could look it up.

If you can’t assassinate your political opponent, assassinate his character. Not only do you avoid being charged with murder; you may also win an election. All it takes is a raft of unsubstantiated accusations of sexual misconduct, and the nooze media piling on the hapless defendant 24/7. The charges don’t have to be true. How does the guy prove that something never happened?

Sexual harassment is real. It’s one of those things that happens in a fallen world. It is sin. But what we’re going to see happen very soon–well, it’s happening already–is the political weaponization of sexual harassment charges. And besides destroying the lives and  careers of men who may well be innocent, it will eventually lead to such charges being viewed with cynicism, boredom, or just being ignored. Which will make it easier to perform acts of sexual harassment.

With Judge Roy Moore now out of the way, President Donald Trump will be the next target. It would seem incredible that the party of Bill Clinton should have the gall to accuse anyone of sexual harassment–but as long as it can win elections for them, they’ll keep on doing it.

Immoral people behave immorally. Our political class has, for years, portrayed Christian morality as old-fashioned, oppressive, mean, and wrong. In this they have been outdone by our entertainment industry, nooze media, and public educators.

And we are to blame for letting them do it.

The Dirtiest Political Ad Ever

It’s true that the 2016 presidential campaign is shaping up to be one of the dirtiest ever, what with all the filth being thrown at Donald Trump, for one. And wait’ll he starts throwing it back. But many of you are too young to have experienced the 1964 campaign pitting President Lyndon Johnson against Senator Barry Goldwater; and so you missed this, which may well be the dirtiest, most low-down political ad ever shown on TV.

Here we have the Johnson campaign blatantly suggesting that if Goldwater is elected, he will start a nuclear war which will kill the poor little girl and everybody else, ka-boom, game over. So vote for LBJ if you want to live!

And of course they wound up so disgusted with LBJ and his handling of the Vietnam War that he had to step down rather than get knocked down at the 1968 Democrat convention.