Jale Them Climbit Change Deneyers!!

Ha, that stopid guy is out riding his bike so i got his blog, and i am a interllectural in Collidge so I can explane stuff that you ordrinary peple is not smart enuojhgt to undderstand.

So I say Congradurlations to our Tourney General Loreta Lunch for lookin for a way to prossacute anyboddy who deneyes Climbit Change, they has al got to go to Jale and Loreta Lunch is goin to find a waye to do it! Thay say maybe she can get this guy named Rico to go affter them, i dont kno his last name but he must be plenty smart!

Like whare to these hear peple get off, not beleavin in Climbit Change, and who do thay think thay are! Whare dose it say yiu got a rihgjt not to beleave in Climbit Change? My prefesser he is even smarter than me and He sayes the “First Amen-ment its” got to go becose its no good any more and peple is jist sayin things thay got no rihjgt to say and yuo Specally cant say nothin bad abuot Climbit Change!

So yiu jist wate till Hillery Is Pressadint and then al them deneyers she goin to Round them “up” and put them in Jale and she wil aslo fix anyboddy else what sayes anything bad and no body wil be aloud to say Wrong Things no more!

P.S. somboddy jist told me that Rico he is named Rico Petroselly and he uset to play base ball for the Red Socks but now he is a big Prossacuter for the Govermint. Wel i wuldnt kno abuot that, i dont follaw base ball but may be i wil now that Rico is goin to get rid of the Climbit Change Deneyers.

10 comments on “Jale Them Climbit Change Deneyers!!

  1. With all the insanity swirling around like a hurricane, we can still retreat to a quiet moment with the Lord and listen to the precious old hymns like
    Blessed Assurance, and be restored to sanity and peace.

    1. Amen to that, Erlene! There seems to be no end to the insane things they come up with these days. Babylon is being re-established before our eyes.

  2. And Joe Collidge, the term ‘climate change’ could be applied to our weather every day since we do have rain, snow, sleet, sun, clouds, storms, wind, hot, cold and the like. So if you’re getting your antenners in a twist over this, chill out! God made the climate to change – it’s called weather.

    1. So you think I should go to jail if I say the climate changes, but when you say it, it comes out different? Hmmm . . . can’t make up your mind? Must be all those hormones.

  3. Nice to hear you’re back to riding your bike, Lee!

    Joe, you’re becoming extremely incoherent. Those hormones *must* be getting to you. You know what, though? With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, there will be plenty of opportunity to try green socks/shirts/hats. Have at it!

    1. What a great idea, Laura! Fits right in with their ‘green agenda’.

  4. If you’re so smart, and we are so dumb, why bother to explain anything to us at all, Joe?

    1. Becose yuo ar al ordinary peples who dont unnderstand nothin, and us interllecturals we got a dooty to explane stuf to yiu.

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